The Collection

Number RABCD1
Label ON Records
Release 199?
Length 66:55
Lineup Trevor Rabin
Duncan Faure
Neil Cloud
Ronnie Robot
Remark Compiled & Remastered by Ronnie Robot

1 Hard ride Rabin
2 Charlie Rabin,v. Blerk
3 Lonely loner Faure
4 Searching Rabin
5 Dingley's Bookshop Faure
6 Locomotive breath Anderson
7 Baby's leaving Rabin
8 Pollyman Rabin
9 T.C. Rabin in D minor Rabin
10 I sleep alone Rabin
11 A croak and a grunt in the night Rabin,v. Blerk
12 Morning Light Faure,Rabin
13 Schumann Trad. arr. Rabin
14 Hold onto love Rabin,v. Blerk
15 Take it easy Rabin
16 Lifelife Rabin,v. Blerk
17 When I was eleven Faure
18 Everybody's cheating Rabin,v. Blerk
19 Savage Rabin
20 Getting through to you Faure
21 Auld lang syne Trad. arr. Rabin
22 A love you song Faure