1951 June 20 Alan Longmuir was born in Edinburgh, Scotland
1953 March 19 Derek Longmuir was born in Edinburgh, Scotland
1955 October 21 Eric Faulkner was born in Edinburgh, Scotland
November 12 Leslie McKeown was born in Edinburgh, Scotland
1957 Febuary 25 Stuart Wood was born in Edinburgh, Scotland
1958 March 31 Pat McGlynn was born in Edinburgh, Scotland
August 22 Ian Mitchell was born in Downpatrick, North Ireland
1965 Alan, Derek and Neil Patias? (a cousin and Alans friend) formed a band, the Ambassador.
1967 Alan, Derek, Nobby Clark, Greg Ellison, Dave Pettigrew and Mike Ellison formed the Saxons.
1968 August The Saxons changed their name to Bay City Rollers.
Tam Paton become BCR's manager.
Mike Ellison retired from the group.
1969 Keith Norman joined the group.
Dave Pettigrew, Greg Ellison and Keith Norman retired from the BCR.
Dave Paton and Billy Lyall joined the group.
1970 Eric Manclark joind BCR (a six man group now).
This group contacted Dick Leahy, who was President of Bell Records.
October Dave Paton retired. Neil Henderson joined the Rollers.
The Rollers made a contract with Bell records.
1971 April Billy Lyall retired. Archie Marr joined the group.
September 18 The first single 'Keep on dancing' entered the UK charts. It finaly reached number 9.
November Eric Manclark retired
1972 March 'We can make music' was released in England.
Neil Henderson and Archie Marr retired.
Eric Faulkner and John Devine joined the group.
September 22 'Manana' was released in England.
October 19 With 'Manana' the Rollers won the 4th Radio Luxemburg Grand Prix International at the Nouveau Theatre in Luxemburg.
November 27 'Manana' is the first single in the german charts. The highest position was number 9.
1973 June 'Saturday night' was released in England.
November Nobby Clark retired. Leslie McKeown joined.
November 28 'Remember' was released in England.
1974 January John Devine retired. Stuart Wood joined the Rollers.
January 9 First appearance on TV in the english Show 'Lift off'
February 9 Remember entered the UK charts. Highest position was #6.
April 1 'Shang-A-Lang' was released in England.
April 27 'Shang-A-Lang' entered the UK charts. Highest position was #2.
July 27 'Summerlove Sensation' entered the UK charts. Highest position was #3.
October 12 The first album 'Rollin'' entered the UK charts. It reached #1 and stayed at the charts for 62 weeks ! (It was released on september 6th)
October 12 'All of me loves all of you' entered the UK charts. Highest position was #4.
October 18 UK-Tour begins (till november 17th)
December 19 First concert in germany (Hamburger Musikhalle)
1975 January 1 First issue of the official Bay City Rollers Magazine.
March 8 'Bye Bye Baby' entered the UK charts. The Rollers first number 1 !
April 1 The TV-Show 'Shang-A-Lang' starts.(20 shows)
April 11 Second album 'Once upon a star was released in the UK.
April 27 Second UK-Tour begins (till june 9th)
April 30 First appearance on TV in germany (Musikladen)
May 3 'Once upon a star' entered the UK charts. It reaches #1 and stayed on the charts for 37 weeks.
May 3 US-Manager Sid Bernstein takes BCR under contract.
July 12 'Give a little love' entered the UK charts. The BCRs second number 1.
September 15 'Saturday night' released in the USA.
September 20 Performance on Howard Cosell Show(TV) in USA(Or was it october 4th ?)
September 30 BCR landing on the New York Kennedy Airport. Promotional activities in the US for one week.
October Concert in Scandinavia
November 22 'Money Honey' entered the UK charts. Highest position was #3
November 28 Concerts in Australia for about ten days.
December 13 'Wouldn't you like it' entered the UK charts. Highest position was #3.
December 22 Concert at the ABC Theatre in Belfast. They were supported bei the Young City Stars(Ian Mitchell).
1976 January 3 'Saturday night' reaches #1 on Billboard charts in USA.
April 1 Alan Longmuir retired. Ian Mitchell joind BCR.
April 10 'Love me like I love you' entered the UK charts. Highest position was #4.
April 15 Start of the first german tour.
May 18 Concert in Scandinavia
June 1 The recording sessions for 'Dedication' starts in Canada.
June 26 First US concert in Atlantic City (Steel pier music hall).
June 28 Concert in Toronto
August 11 Start of USA/Canada Tour (till september 3rd)
September 11 'I only wanna be with you' entered the UK charts. Highest position was #4.
September 25 The album 'Dedication' entered the UK charts. Highest position was #4
November 9 Ian Mitchell retires. Pat McGlynn joins BCR.
November 20 Begin of New Zealand/Australia-Tour.
December 13 Begin of Japan-Tour.
December 14 'Yesterday's Hero' was released in Germany.
1977 January 7 Concert at Santa Monica Civic Center
January 8 Concert at the New York Palladium
February 25 BCR-Special on german TV(Szene '77)
May 6 Pat McGlynn retires.
May 7 'It's a game' entered the UK charts. Highest position was #16.
May 9 Begin of US-Tour (till june 1st)
July 8th Pat's first single 'She'd rather be with me' was released in germany.
July 9 Alan Longmuir released 'I'm confessing' in germany.
July 25 Begin of 3rd US-Tour.
July 30 'You made me belive in magic' entered the UK charts. Highest position was #34. This was the last Rollers single in the UK charts.
August 13 The album 'It's a game' entered the UK charts. Highest position was #16. This was the last Rollers album in the UK charts.
August 24 Visit of the town Bay City.
September 17 Concert in Osaka/Japan.
October 'Don't let the music die' was released in Japan.
1978 January 16 German tour starts in Hamburg(Ernst-Merck-Halle).
April They were recording in Switzerland and Alan Longmuir rejoined the group.
Summer The 6th album 'Strangers in the wind' is released
September Return to Japan for the 3rd Tour.
September 8 The premier Episode of the Bay City Rollers Krofft Series aired in the USA:
The Bay City Rollers meet the Saturday Superstars.
November Leslie McKeown retired
December Duncan Faure auditions for BCR in Dublin
1979 January Duncan Faure joins the group. The name is changed to 'The Rollers'.
March 23 Les sings 'Shall I do it' in a german TV-Show(Szene 79).
April 24 Rollers live at the BRAVO-DISCO in Berlin.
Spring After Duncan joined the group, the Rollers released their first single 'Turn on the radio'.
Summer The Rollers released their first album 'Elevator'
Fall Tam Paton separated from the group
The group intended to release a 'Live'-album with music from their first two Japan tours, but suddenly they decided not to release the album.
1980 Spring Concert in South-Africa
June 25 The Rollers second album is released in Germany and Japan. It is titeled 'Voxx'.
1981 Early in the year, US and UK music magazines report, that the Rollers change their label to CBS.
Summer The Rollers release their first CBS album, 'Ricochet'.
At the same time they release two singles from that album, 'Life on the radio' and 'No doubt about it' only in UK.
Fall The Rollers split up !
1982 May Eric Faulkner and Leslie McKeown, who had been singing solo, met at a concert and discussed reforming the group.
They finaly reformed the Bay City Rollers together with Stuart Wood, Derek Longmuir and Alan Longmuir.
August Concert in Bangkok
August 30 They returned to Japan for the 4th Tour
September 4 Concert at the Buddokahn in Japan.'Once more - Saturday Night Concert'
1983 Early in the year Ian Mitchell and Pat McGlynn joined the group.
They recorded the single 'Piece of the action'
July 5 They released 'Piece of the action' in Japan.
July 18 They recored the 'Live in Japan' album during a concert at Budohkan
September 5 They released 'Bay City Rollers live in Japan'. (Only released in Japan)
September 18 Concert at the Futurama-Festival at Leeds? Queens Hall in England.
October 16 Concert in London.
1984 Early in the year the BCR's recorded an album. Derek retired from the group.
1985 Ireland Tour !
July 10 They released the album 'Breakout' in Japan.George Spencer on drums.
July 13 They come to Japan for the 6th time. Concert at Hihiyayagai Daiongokudo in Tokyo. The concert was titled 'Back to the Rollers, 1985'. Derek didn't come to Japan.
July/August The Bay City Rollers tour Australia (Eric, Ian, Pat, Les, Woody and George Spencer)
This tour ends with Eric leaving the others to finish the tour without him.
(Information provided by Lisa Theiss)
August 8 'When you find out' was released in Japan.
Fall Eric Faulkner and Alan Longmuir separated from the group.
1986 April 26 They returned to Japan the 7th time, performing at Hibiyayagai Daiongokuda. It was a special concert because it was their 10th anniversary of coming to Japan. Members were: Leslie, Woody, Ian, Pat and a drummer.
1987 Eric Faulkner formed a new band with his girlfriend Kass(backing vocals), Chris Ellen(bass), Kevin Peach(Keyboards) and Barry Roberts(drums). The name of the band is 'The New Rollers'
The New Rollers released a tape called 'Bay City Take 2' (Fan Club only)
1988 The New Rollers released their first 7" single called 'Party Harty' in England. On that single you can hear the new members Mark Roberts(drums), Simon Stuart(guitar) and Andy Boaks(bass).
May 9 Les McKeowns solo single 'She's a lady' entered the german charts. The single stayed 16 weeks at the charts !
For the first time the Bay City Rollers songs are available on CD. The Compilation was released in germany and the titel is 'Starke Zeiten'. It was released on The ARISTA/BMG Label and contained 16 songs.
October US-Tour of the New Bay City Rollers (till december)
December 12 Les McKeowns solo single 'Love is just a breath away' entered the german charts.
1989 The New Rollers released a tape called 'Life is a wasteland' (Fan Club only). This tape was recorded during the christmas period of 1988 and contains 10 new songswritten by Eric and Kass.
The New Rollers changed their name to 'The Rollers'. Andy Boakes left the group and was replaced by Karl Murphy(bass). Jason Medvec(guitar) also joind the group.
April 21 The compilation CD 'Memorial' was released in Japan.
April 24 Les McKeowns solo single 'It's a game' entered the german charts.
June 17 The Rollers did a concert in the Meadow Bank Stadium in Edinburgh(1500 people).
July 24 Les McKeowns solo single 'Love hurts and love heals' entered the german charts.
August Stuart 'Woody' Wood joined the Rollers. Now that two original members are in the band they changed the bands name to 'Bay City Rollers'.
September 9 The Bay City Rollers did a one month tour through australia.
1990 January Billy Lyall dies of aids
Febuary Alan Longmuir joined the Bay City Rollers. The Band said goodbye to Andy Boakes and Mark Roberts. The linup is now: Eric Faulkner, Stuart Wood, Kass & Alan Longmuir.
March Les McKeown is one of the finalists for 'Song For Europe'. He performed the song 'Ball & Chain' at a BBC TV-Show. He came fourth out of eight.
March 21 An 8 CD-Box Set was released in Japan. It contains all the albums from Rollin' to Voxx.
August 17 First Bay City Rollers concert in germany since the late 70s. Phil Watts is the drummer in Bielefeld in front of an audience of 4000 people.
1991 April The Bay City Rollers released a tape with 6 live songs called 'M62' (Fan Club only)
Mai 18 The Bay City Rollers concert in Bad Segeberg(Germany) was filmed for TV and was shown on SAT1 in germany on june 15th.
August 26 A show at the 'Concet Bowl' in Chelmsford,Essex in front of aprox. 18000 people !
The CD 'Bye Bye Baby' was released in europe. It contains 7 rerecorded 70s hits and 6 new songs written by Eric, Stuart and Kass.
November 17 The Bay City Rollers filmed the video for the single 'Flower of Scotland' at a south London studio.
November 22 The Bay City Rollers released the double A-side single 'Flower of Scotland/Bye Bye Baby'
Andy Boakes has rejoined the Rollers. Andy playes bass and Alan switches to accoustic guitar and keyboards.
1992 Febuary 1 Les McKeown does a concert under the name of 'Bay City Rollers' in Duisburg(Germany). Ian Mitchell was also in the lineup !
Febuary Phil Watts left the Bay City Rollers. Mark Roberts(drums) rejoined the band.
Febuary 7 The rollers performed unplugged in the kitchen of Adrian Seviour during a Surprise Show 'The Word' on Channel 4/UK.
The Bay City Rollers released a CD/Cassette called 'Greatest Hits' with rerecordings of 11 70s hits.
March 18 'Showcase' at the Camden Underworld in London.
March 31 Les McKeown did an Oldie Express Tour through german till april 19th. He sung live with a playback/without a band.
The Bay City Rollers took legal actions against their former lead singer Les McKeown. They reached an agreement under that Les McKeown is permitted to use the name 'Bay City Rollers' only in conjunction with certain references to his historical connection with the band(such as "ex", "70s", "former")
June The Bay City Rollers did a Scandinavian tour.
Andy Boakes left the Rollers. Woody will play bass in the future. Simon Stewart rejoines the band.
November There was a statement in the November Newsletter of the Bay City Rollers, that Derek Longmuir(former drummer) and Tam Paton(former manager) fully support the band(Eric,Stuart,Alan & Kass). The band use some other musicians Mark Roberts(drums) and Simon Stewart(drums) .
1993 August The Bay City Rollers are on tour in USA/Canada.
September The Bay City Rollers are on tour in Japan.
Les McKeown's 70's Bay City Rollers released a CD in europe called 'Greatest Hits'. 11 rerecorded songs from the 70's plus a Megamix.
November 19 Les McKeown's 70's Bay City Rollers released a CD in japan called 'Loveletter'. 7 rerecorded songs from the 70s, 2 karaoke versions and 3 new songs.
December Les McKeown's 70's Bay City Rollers did a japan tour followed by an east german tour.
1994 March 'The Collection' is available via the Les McKeown's 70's Bay City Rollers-Fan Club. This is a double CD with songs from Les four solo albums.
March The Bay City Rollers did a german tour.
1996 January 31 Gerd Buesken's Bay City Rollers Homepage was started in the Internet !
The Bay City Rollers released a CD called 'Bay City Rollers - new recordings' in germany. 14 rerecorded versions of 70's hits, one megamix and 3 new songs written by Eric, Kass and Stuart.
May 15 Les McKeown's 70's Bay City Rollers concert in Solingen/Germany

This list of dates and facts may contain errors or maybe incomplete. Please help me and send an email to buesken@hotmail.com if you have any corrections ! I'm missing the Bay City Rollers Newsletters from 24(November 93) till 33(febuary 96). If anybody can xerox this Newsletters for me that would help me a lot !

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