Verena, Peter and me arrived at the Rheingoldhalle at 5.30pm - the concert should start at 7pm. No one was there - no posters that a concert should be on that evening. But then we saw a little van and someone was giving us a wink from inside - it was Les McKeown from the BAY CITY ROLLERS !!!

Finaly there were aprox. 500 people at the concert. The show started with RACEY. Only the leadsinger was left from the original 70's lineup. They played only four of the original RACEY Hits: 'Some girls', 'Runaround Sue', 'Boy Oh Boy', and 'Lay your love on me'. The others were classics from the 60's :-( Also his voice was not as good as in the 70/80's.

The second band was the GLITTER BAND: The same as with RACEY - only the leadsinger(John) was left from the original lineup. The band made a really good show - much better than RACEY. They mostly played Gary Glitter hits from 'Rock'n'roll part 2' till 'Oh Yes you're beautifull'. Also some hits from the GLITTER BAND, such as 'Let's get together again' and 'Angel Face' - I was missing 'People like you People like me', as this is my favourite song from the G-BAND.

Then came SLADE II. It's too bad that Noddy is no longer in the band. They have a good singer, but nothing compared to Noddy !!! I liked the songs, but the sound was not very good. The only thing that reminds me of the original SLADE was the show of Dave - he was really great !

Finaly: the BAY CITY ROLLERS - screaming all around ! The whole band was in really good shape, Terry and Les had new haircuts and Les had definitly lost weight. The girls said that he looked better than in the last years. As the other bands, they played aprox. ten songs. Two songs were surprising for me: 'MONEY HONEY' - I thought he would never play this song again, because it was written from his former mate Eric Faulkner. The second one was the encore 'THE WAY I FEEL TONIGHT', one of my favourite songs of the rollers.

Here is the tracklist:

I only wanna be with you
Be my baby
Bye Bye Baby
Summerlove Sensation
Rock and Roll Love Letter
It's a game
Give a little love
Money Honey
Saturday night
The way I feel tonight

After they had left the stage, one of the girls told us that she stayed in the same Hotel as the Rollers - and she also told us the name of the Hotel ! It took us some minutes to overcome, but then we entered the Hotel and we were going straight to the bar - fantastic. The guys of the GLITTER BAND were all in the bar, also three members of SLADE including Don (Powell?) the drummer. The next band that arrived were RACEY and I had a little chat with the leadsinger. He told me that they wanted to release a new CD later this year. I also talked with John (Springate?) from the GLITTER BAND and a few words with Don from SLADE.

Then the Rollers arrived - the Bar was packed - it was great.

Finaly we have left the bar at 3am !

Peko, Les and me after the show