Pat is back :

Yes, Pat McGlynn is a Bay City Roller again ! The concert in Solingen was the first time he played together with Les & the 70's Bay City Rollers !

But let's start at the beginning :

We(Verena, Peter & me - as usual) arrived at the Eissporthalle 2 hours before the show should start. No problem to get in this day, because we saw Les and he let us in. BTW Les has a new haircut ! He said to me that this is the first gig for Pat as a Roller since 1986. He also said that Pat had no chance to practice with the boys before. So he invited us to the first Soundcheck of the new improved 70's Bay City Rollers.

He was right, Pat was very nervous - not one single smile during the 20 minutes Soundcheck. They rehearsed Yesterday's Hero(Instrumental), Summerlove Sensation, All of me loves all of you and It's a game(Instrumental).

Les McKeown's 70's Bay City Rollers were the first Band on stage this evening, they started at 8.20pm. The Venue was packed with 3000 fans ! The Band was great this evening. A lot more power and fun has come to the Band with Ross Adams whom I saw the first time on stage this evening. Simon Mulvey played a fantastic bass as everytime. Kevin McGill has beaten his drums ;-) and of course Pat McGlynn & Les himself. They played 14 songs - click here for a tracklist. The first time I heard the new version of Dedication live - It's fantastic, hope you all out there have the chance to hear this song in the future ! Unfortunately no new songs(e.g. from Loveletter) :-(

After the show we met the band again backstage. There was a free buffet and lot's of stuff to drink ! I had the chance to talk to Pat - he is a very nice guy !
We talked about his work with the german band 'Bodyguards' and the recording session for 'Breakout'. Later I showed him some prints of this Web-Page and belive it or not he said that Les already told him about this page! He also said that he wanted to support my work, so expect some exclusiv stuff to come in the next months !

It was very relaxed and everyone made jokes and fooled around !

Finaly Peter and I forced the band to pose for a band-photo exclusiv for our Web-Pages.

Pat & me :-)

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