Oldie Parade

Show: Oldie Parade
Host: Uwe Bahn
Date: Mai 17th 1997
TV-Station: N3
Country: Germany

Les McKeown's Legendary Bay City Rollers:

Les McKeown, Peko McKeown, Simon Mulvey, Kevin McGill, Russel Keefe

Saturday Night


Uwe The same clothes as in the seventies ?
Les Exactly the same clothes, they still fit me.
Uwe The same size too ?
Les The same size, the same costume - it lasts forever.
The material is very unique, it was made from a 
specialist in japan.
It never wears out. It's amazing.
High Technologie, they use it in space and everything.
Today we have the Backstreet Boys, in the
seventies the Bay City Rollers - 
is there a thing you would say is different ?
Well we know the Backstreet Boys, they are a good
bunch of guys. A bit young, a bit - you know. They
have a long way to go. They sing a lot, dance a lot.

It's different ? Uwe
Yeah, it's different !
We used to self play and do it all.
You played better than them ? Uwe
Well you know, every year a new group comes out and
they say it's a new Bay City Rollers, but A theres only oneBay City Rollers - and here we are !
Uwe Oh, a new girl in the group ?
Les Yeah
Uwe What's your name ?
Peko Peko
Uwe Pako ?
Peko Peko - Ja
Les A japanese import.
Imported from japan specialy for this gig.
Uwe You have had tons of hits in the seventies.
What are your favourite songs from the Rollers ?
Les Bye Bye Baby
Shang A Lang
Give A Little Love
Saturday Night
Well the list is endless. I just can't remember them all !
Uwe What was the biggest one ?
Les In germany, in deutschland ? I'm not sure, we have to look up the Oldie Parade.
Uwe My favourite is Give A Little Love, can you perform it for me ?
Les Sure we can do it for you - no problem.
Uwe Thank you.

Give A Little Love

Remark: Saturday Night and Give A Little Love were the original versions from the seventies.