NEWS published 12.02am Sunday, January 02, 2000

Daily Record 2000 Dawn of a new millennium

For that final glittering moment as the clocks and rockets thrust us into the Millennium and we landed safely on the other side of midnight in 2000, it seemed the world had come to Edinburgh to watch and wonder.
The city which is never less than beautiful can seem forbidding, even cold, brooding beneath the grey fortress of her castle.But on this night, Edinburgh threw off her hair shirt - if not her fur coat - and let the good times roll. And rock.
The 200,000 people converged on the city from all over, the expats wanting one more Auld Lang Syne with their ancestors, the tourists lured from around the globe, even those who live here.
But boy still met girl as they entwined and promised to love each other for ever and a millennium.Around them, the rest watched the giant screen while Texas performed up at the Castle.
Meanwhile, the Bay City Rollers, recreated the 70s down in Prince Street Gardens.It was Shang-a-lang versus When We Are Together, but they both won because this was not a night for losers.
Maybe, in the end, it was not Hogmanay as we Scots used to know it but, whatever it was, it was magnificent.

I, for one, was glad I was there and that I was part of it.