The Mirror
October 22, 1997, Wednesday

Pat should be roller-ing in it

Songwriter Pat McGlynn to sue Arista Records over royalties

Raging rocker Pat McGlynn claims he has been literally cut out of the picture and now plans to take his former bosses to the cleaners. The 70s songwriter who rocked and rolled with the Bay City Rollers is involved in a massive law suit against Arista Records. He reckons there is a whopping pounds 34million in bank accounts throughout the world - and he wants his share. Pat claims he was cut out of pictures taken for album covers, and says he is due millions for the hits that earned the band a fortune. He said: "The doctoring of the pictures was really the last straw. It is so infantile it almost beggars belief. "I helped make the band famous and I helped keep them at the top, and all I am looking for is my just rewards. "My lawyer thinks I have an open and shut case but it looks like being a long legal battle."

Pat, 39, made his mark with the teen toy boys in 1975, when he helped kick- start the band with his songwriting and guitar playing skills. His forthcoming lawsuit - almost twelve years after his departure from the band - comes after recent reports of a Bay City Roller 'fund' containing millions in the USA.