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Bay City Wild Boy turns to an Angel

Former wild man of rock Derek Longmuir made so much money he need never work again.
But every morning the ex-Bay City Roller reports for duty as a poorly-paid trainee NURSE.
He owes his new life to his girlfriend, Janice Green, 38, a lab-technican at London's Hammersmith Hospital ... and the shock of seeing his former Roller Billy Lyall die of AIDS.
Derek, who owns a luxury flat and a villa in Portugal, helps to care for the sick - some of them AIDS victims - at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.
"I quit the Rollers and did nothing for years," said Derek yesterday. "But I was going crazy with boredom and the idea helping my fellow human beings appealed to me.


"I was doing voluntary work at the Sick Children's hospital in Edinburgh when I met Janice. "She suggested I became a trainee nurse, so here I am. It's hard, but very fulfilling. I find it as enjoyable as the music I loved."
Derek, 40, formed the Rollers with his brother Alan when he was 14. Three years later it was world tours, screaming fans and wild parties. He said: "It was fun and we had some mad times. But when we got too big the financial experts took over and the fun went. I was glad to leave.