The Saturday Times
November 7, 1998, Saturday

Bay City Surfers

44,000 fans all over the world declare undying love for tartan heroes of pop

Exclusive by Brian McIver

It's more than twenty years since Shang a Lang and Bye Bye Baby mania gripped the country. But the Bay City Rollers are on the way back.

The tartan-clad boys are enjoying an international revival - thanks to a 36-year-old German fan.

Computer software designer Gerd Buesken, from Paderborn near Hanover, has sparked a worldwide interest in the 70s Scottish teenybop sensation with an amazingly popular Internet page dedicated to his favourite childhood band.
Since it was launched two years ago, Gerd's website has been visited by over 44,000 fans and receives between 50 and 100 'hits' every day from all around the world. ... Please wait while the whole article is loaded (395 KBytes) - scroll down ...