Sunday Mail
July 19, 1998, Sunday

Roller's New Agony

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Pat McGlynn could take a year to recover from motorbike crash

A former Bay City Roller who escaped from a 70mph motorbike smash has told of his new agony. Pat McGlynn's arm is so badly shattered it could be a year before he can play again.

Last night Pat, who recently formed a new band, Storm, said through his long-time girlfriend, Janine Andrews: "My arm is pretty bad. This news has come as a bit of a shock." Pat was lucky to escape with his life when he lost control of his powerful 500cc Honda at Long-niddrie, near Port Seton, six weeks ago. He still can't move his right arm, which was broken in four places. He is recuperating at his home in Edinburgh but has been back for treatment several times. "They were thinking about putting a plate in but they said there is really nothing more they can do," Janine said. "Everything has all gone horrible. It's been a complete nightmare. He's had a lot of bad luck. "Pat had an X-ray the other day. Nobody knows exactly how long his recovery is going to take but it could be a year."

For months, Pat has been in the studio preparing a new CD with Janine on vocals. She said: "We were writing and getting a CD cover sorted. "All that will have to be put aside. We can't do any more songs because we were all writing together. "We all agreed to wait until Pat gets better. It is only fair."

Ironically, McGlynn's accident came when he was on his final lesson for his motorbike test the following day. Apparently he lost control and hit a tree at 70mph - in daytime and dry conditions. "When I first saw him I just couldn't believe it," Janine added. "It was shocking. "Another inch and his neck would have been broken. He would have been dead. "He's still waking up every four hours because of the pain. We had to go to hospital the other night because he was in such agony." Life is too Short.....Don't sweat the small stuff!!