The Sunday Mail
February 22, 1998, Sunday

Tam's rolling away to Spain

By Alan Crow

Former Bay City Rollers boss Tam Paton is moving to Spain

Former Bay City Rollers boss Tam Paton is saying Bye-Bye Baby to Scotland. For he's moving a Shang-a-Lang way away to Spain! The multi-millionaire pop tycoon will leave his pounds 400,000 home on the outskirts of Edinburgh this summer. He wants to invest some of his vast fortune in a luxury villa on the Costa del Sol. Tam, 60, who raked in a fortune from the Rollers and property deals, told the Sunday Mail: "I've worked hard all my life. Perhaps it is time to take it easier. "I'm going to spend most of the year in Spain, but keep my house in Scotland. "I want to spend my twilight years in the sunshine." Tam - who weighs in at 20 stones - added: "I've been looking at properties in the Fuengirola area."

Tam was rushed into hospital last year after collapsing at home with a heart scare. Doctors ordered him to "diet or else." Later, the eccentric pop mogul revealed he plans to leave his fortune to his pet DOGS. He has changed his will to make sure his Rottweilers Kizzie and Dusty and Staffordshire Pit Bull, Max, are kept in luxury after his death.