The Daily Record
October 22, 1997, Wednesday

Roller sues over missing millions

Pat McGlynn former Bay city Roller member sues for share of profits

A former Bay City Roller is suing for his share of profits worth pounds 34 million still owing to the 70s band. Pat McGlynn reckons he's been frozen out of a plan to carve up the cash between former members of the group. His lawyer has had the money frozen in a record company account until the row is sorted out. Pat, 39, says he's after at least pounds 2million. Pat, of Newcraighall, Edinburgh, joined the Rollers in 1975 and lasted a year before he was sacked. But in that time they recorded a top album, several hit singles and went on a world tour. Pat said yesterday: "I am still friendly with Les McKeown and he told me about the money sitting at Arista Records. "It's money from records and tours all over the world that's never been paid out."

He added: "Eight of us were in the band at one point or another. I was warned about a plan to give the money to a middle man acting for just five of us. "That would cut me, Ian Mitchell and Nobby Clark out of the picture altogether. We would not get a penny. "The reason for cutting me out is based on claims I was just a session musician. "But I wrote a lot of the songs as well as playing guitar and bass. "The funny thing is that Les stands to get more if it's divided between five but he wants me to hold out and get my share." Pat, who rejoined the Rollers in 1979 and stayed with them until 1985, still gigs with Les and has his own recording studio. He said: "I don't need the money. I had a successful career with my own band in Japan. For me it's a matter of principle. "They cut my picture out of the cover of the album, It's a Game. And I didn't get a penny while I was playing with them."

The New York lawyers representing Arista refused to comment.