The Sunday Mail
June 23, 1996, Sunday

Roller Al rocked by scare No2

By Alan Crow

Bay City Roller Alan Longmuir has been hit by a new health scare. Longmuir, 45, collapsed in agony hours before he was due to go on stage. He was rushed to hospital for checks. The scare comes only 18 months after Alan suffered a heart attack. He was helped back to fitness by his ex-Roller brother Derek, 43, who is now a nurse.

Last night Alan was back home after being released from Stirling Royal Infirmary. He was staying tight-lipped about this latest scare. Asked if it was another heart problem, he replied: "It's similar, but not as serious as the last time. "I hope to be back on the road very soon. There isn't a problem." But a friend, who's close to the band, claimed: "Everybody is very worried about Alan. He has not been well at all. "He collapsed and had to pull out of a few dates. The band is very concerned."

Alan collapsed with a heart attack and was put on a life support machine last January. Brother Derek spent weeks getting him back on his feet. After his release from hospital, Alan said: "I'll be listening to Derek. From now on, he's the boss. "That means no playing for some time and I'll have to cut down on the beer." When he was hit by the first attack, he thought that he had simple INDIGESTION.

"The pain wouldn't go away," he said. "It was really terrible. "I've never smoked in my life and I thought that I was too young for a heart attack." Bass player Alan now tours with the Official Bay City Rollers, along with fellow originals Stuart "Woody" Wood and Eric Faulkner.