Daily Record
March 25, 1997, Tuesday


Former Bay City Rollers boss Tam Paton on a strict healthy diet after heart attack four months ago.

By Peter Laing

He used to be big in the music business - but now Tam Paton is just BIG. The former Bay City Rollers boss, believe it or not, is winning the battle of the bulge. Tam's gone on a strict healthy eating regime since a heart attack scare four months ago. He's already shed three stones of ugly flab. And to avoid stress has ruled himself out of the Rollers' reunion bid. But the roly-poly pop tycoon, who still weighs in at a hefty 20 stone, admits he has a long way to go.

At his pounds 400,000 home near Edinburgh, Tam, 57, said yesterday: "I was eating myself to death. "I used to love sweets. I would have loads of sugar in tea." But now Tam's said Bye Bye Baby to all that and aims to slide down to 15 stones in the weight charts.